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I know that Port Fowarding and Firewalls can cause issues and confusion, so I've written the below instuctions to try and help.
UDP PORT 9988 STILL NEEDS TO BE OPENED IN YOUR ROUTER FOR SIMCOM X TO WORK CORRECTLY. is the best site I know of, with instructions on how to forward a port in your specific router.

The below instructions only show how to remove the Simcom X Server from the Windows 10 Defender firewall and then add it again.
This is incase you weren't sure if you'd added it correctly the first time.
The instructions should be SIMILAR for most firewalls.

How to remove SIMCOM X from the Windows Defender Firewall.

1.Open up the Windows Defender Firewall.

Simcom X firewall

2. Select the Allow and app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Simcom X firewall

3. Click Change settings.
4. Select simcom_x server.
5. Click Remove.

Simcom X firewall

6. Double check that the app you are removing is correct in the window that pops up and click Yes.

Simcom X firewall

7. Start Simcom X and it will ask if you want to add an exception to the Windows Defender Firewall.
You do, so select the tick boxes and click Allow access.

Simcom X firewall

Job done, I hope I've helped.

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