Voice Tools

The Simcom tools below enable enhanced voice features in your flight sim.

  • Auto switch channels in teamspeak by tuning your Simulator radio stack.
  • Reduce voice quality of other users based on distance from them.

SimCom X

Simcom X

A standalone voice application written as the voice comms for JoinFS but can be used with other networks if they allow.


  • No requirement to run a 24/7 voice server.
  • Use with FS9, FSX Boxed, FSX Steam, all versions of P3D and XPlane.
  • Use with various different multiplayer networks or none of them.
  • Autoswitch channels by tuning the radio stack in the simulator or input a frequency manually.
  • AutoSwitch Supports both COM1 and COM2.
  • ATC Mode requires no simulator, if you don’t need to run one.
  • Active ATC on the SCX network show when connected. Pilots tune to the frequency displayed.
  • Mute users if they get annoying.
  • Run in Group Mode or SCX mode. Group mode is similar to running a normal Teamspeak server setup, where somebody will need to host & give their IP to others to connect. SCX mode automatically looks for users already on the network and connects to them.
  • If a user is on the SCX network and tuned to the same frequency as you, you will be able to speak to them.
  • Supports voice distance. The further away a station (Aircraft and ATC) is from you, the worse the audio quality until it finally isn’t heard at all. This is great for realism and if a KLAX ATCO and EGCC ATCO want to use the same frequency for example.
  • Run alongside existing voice apps. You talk to your friends as normal during your weekly group flight in Teamspeak or Discord, whilst also having SimCom X open in the background. You then contact ATC (or pilots from a different group), without having to move from the channel you are having your conversation in.


FSX and P3D users will need to have the Xpack version of SimConnect Installed. This does come shipped with both FSX and P3D (found in your SDK folder). But if you cant find it, you can download all Legacy SimConnect Versions Here.

FS9 & XPLANE users use the FSUIPC option. This is also available for FSX & P3D users as an alternative to SimConnect.

FS9, FSX & P3D users can download FSUIPC from Peter Dowsons site.

XPlane users will need XPUIPC which I found here when looking.

To use SimCom X…
1. Download
2. Extract the installer.
3. Run the Installer.
4. Run the installed program (link on desktop).

Click for a full description on SimCom X.

Simcom Teamspeak 3 Plugin

The SimCom Teamspeak 3 Plugin will let you autoswitch channels in TS3, when you tune frequencies in your Flight Simulator radio stack.

This is a plugin for Teamspeak and whilst similar to SimCom X, it’s totally seperate software and the 2 programs do not talk to each other.

This plugin is useful for people who were having the problem of not being able to switch views while using FSX.

Its also useful if you want to fly realistically, switching frequencies in your aircraft whilst talking to Flight Sim ATCOs.


  • Autoswitch Frequencies
  • Works without other users needing the addon.
  • Small, lightweight and simple to use.


  • Written as a 32bit Plugin, so avaialable for the 32bit Teamspeak Client only.
  • Only written with SimConnect, so FSX and P3D Only.

1. Download and open the zip file from the link above.
2. Double click the Teamspeak installer inside the zip file.

This is a plugin for the 32bit Teamspeak 3 client Only!

The 32bit TS3 client can be installed on a 64bit PC as normal.

ie you do not need the 64bit client if you have a 64bit PC, you can install the 32bit client.

If for some reason you prefer to use the 64bit Teamspeak client , this plugin will not work for you.

But all is not lost…

After creating this plugin, I was contacted by a number of developers who wanted to try and create a version for the 64bit Teamspeak client.

They were successful and so there are now 64bit versions of SimCom available which use FSUIPC instead of SimConnect. These have evolved a lot since I wrote my little Simcom plugin above.

Searching for BFSGSimcom or MALCOM should point you in the right direction.

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