Flight Simulator Radar Tools

Flight Simulator ATC Radar tools for Microsoft Flight Simulators, P3D & Xplane.


ESJFS stands for EuroScope JoinFS and is a Flight Simulator ATC radar tool that displays the traffic from JoinFS (or a Flight Simulator) on the EuroScope & VRC radar scopes.

Display Flight Simulator ATC traffic on the EuroScope and VRC Radar

When the radar tool is used with JoinFS a simulator is not needed to be run as ESJFS will read the traffic from the whazzup file output by JoinFS.
Otherwise the traffic is sent to EuroScope or VRC by reading the data from a simulator through either SimConnect (FSX/P3D) or FSUIPC/XPUIPC (FS9/Xplane).

If reading directly from a Flight Simulator you will need the XPACK version of SimConnect or FSUIPC/XPUIPC to be installed.

ESJFS not only displays the traffic on the radar scopes but will add the latest METAR for the airport controlled and any flight plan information it finds for the aircraft. There will be more (or less) information on the traffic, depending on which connection method you choose.

For example: Using FSUIPC/XPUIPC you may not gain the callsign for some aircraft.
In this instance I replaced the Callsign with the aircraft squawk code.
Flight Simulator ATCOs can then identify the aircraft by asking it to squawk something different.

Download ESJFS here.

This tool can be used in conjunction with SimCom X for voice in order to control traffic on the JoinFS network.