SimCom Teamspeak 3 Plugin

One of the first peices of software I ever wrote was The SimCom Teamspeak 3 Plugin. Simcom Teamspeak 3 Plugin will let you autoswitch channels in Teamspeak 3, when you tune frequencies in your Flight Simulator radio stack.

This is a plugin for Teamspeak 3 and whilst similar to another application of mine (SimCom X Pilot Client), it’s totally seperate software and the 2 programs do not talk to each other.

The SimCom Teamspeak 3 plugin is useful to people who were having the problem of not being able to switch views while using FSX or P3D in fullscreen mode.

Its also useful if you want to fly realistically, switching frequencies in your aircraft whilst talking to human Flight Simulator ATC.


  • Autoswitch Frequencies (change Teamspeak channels) from your Flight Simulator.
  • Works without other users needing the addon.
  • Small, lightweight and simple to use.


  • Written as a 32bit Plugin, so avaialable for the 32bit Teamspeak Client only.
  • Only written with SimConnect, so FSX and P3D Only.
  • NO XPlane support.

1. Download and open the zip file from the link above.
2. Double click the Teamspeak installer inside the zip file.

This is a plugin for the 32bit Teamspeak 3 client Only!

The 32bit TS3 client can be installed on a 64bit PC as normal.

ie: you do not need the 64bit Teamspeak 3 client if you have a 64bit PC, you can use the 32bit Teamspeak client.

If for some reason you prefer to use the 64bit Teamspeak client , this plugin will not work for you.

But all is not lost…

After creating this plugin I was contacted by a number of developers who wanted to try and create a version for the 64bit Teamspeak client.

They were successful and so there are now 64bit versions of SimCom available which use FSUIPC instead of SimConnect.

As they use FSUIPC this means that FS9 and XPlane users can now use these newer plugins. They have also evolved a lot since I wrote my little Simcom plugin above and now offer more features.

Searching for BFSGSimcom or MALCOM should point you in the right direction.

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tony gard
tony gard
30 September 2019 11:22

how do i connect to xplane 11