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Below you will find download links with a description for tools I have built for Flight Simulators such as FS9, P3D, FSX and XPlane,
using the SDKs for Microsofts Simconnect and FSUIPC by Peter Dowson.

I hope people find them as useful as I do.

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SIMCOM will let you auto switch channels in Teamspeak 3, when you tune frequencies in your Flight Simulator.
Handy for people who were having the problem of not being able to switch views while using FSX.
Also handy if you want to fly realistically, switching frequencies in your aircraft whilst talking to Flight Sim ATCOs.
A very basic video of what this Teamspeak addon does is below.

There are a number of versions of this plugin knocking about, but you can get the original version here.

Works with FSX/P3D only (written with Simconnect) and the 32bit TS3 Client.
Built by me (ATC Roo) from code supplied by D Dawson of FSDeveloper (thanks Doug).
THIS PLUGIN WILL NEED THE 32Bit Teamspeak 3 client.
The 32bit Teamspeak Client works fine on a 64bit PC.
This is not a 64bit plugin so will not work with the 64bit TeamSpeak client.

1.Download and open the zip file from the link above.
2.Double click the Teamspeak installer inside the zip file.


Download Simcom X
More Info Here...

Simcom X

Similar to Simcom but not the same as SIMCOM X is a standalone voice application, that does not connect to a standard Teamspeak server.
Connects to both Simconnect for FSX/P3D and FSUIPC for FS9/XPUIPC for XPlane (Xplane and FS9 untested at this time).
Can Auto switch frequency when the frequency on the radio in the simulator is changed or have a frequency typed in manually.
Supports both COM1 and COM2.
ATC Mode is for... well ATC. ATC on the SCX network are shown active, so pilots know what is manned and the frequency to tune to.
Users can be muted if they get annoying.
Can be run in Group Mode or SCX mode.
Group mode is similar to running a normal Teamspeak server, where somebody will need to host, give their IP to others, who then connect their SIMCOM X client to the hosts IP.
SCX mode does not need an IP to be given out and will look for other users on the SCX network, which are tuned to the same radio frequency as you.
SCX mode will then connect to those users automatically.
Supports voice distance, the further away stations (aircraft and ATC) are from each other, the worse the audio quality until it finally isnt heard at all.
This is great for realism and if a KLAX ATCO and EGCC ATCO want to use the same frequency for example.
Can be run alongside existing voice apps.
So talk to your friends as normal during your weekly group flight, but also contact in the background an active ATC or pilot from a different group that you happen to be flying past.
To use..
1. Download
2. Extract the installer.
3. Run the Installer.
4. Run the installed program (link on desktop).


Download ESJFS2018
This tool I created to display traffic other than VATSIMs on EuroScope and VRC.
The tool either connects to your flight sim via either Simconnect (FSX/P3D users) or FSUIPC/XUIPC (XUIPC untested as I dont own XPlane).
Anything in the Simulator is the sent to ESJFS, which then sends it on to EuroScope.
If it shows in your Sim, it will show on EuroScope or VRC.
I also added the option to read from a Whazzup file created by JoinFS, which means that anybody acting as an ATCO would have no need to run a SIM if they didnt want to.


Default FSX Radar Mod

Download FSX Radar Mod
Displays traffic on the default FSX Radar.
If it can be seen in your Sim, this tool will show it on the default FSX radar.

How To..
To see JoinFS traffic on the default FSX radar you must start as an ATC in the following order.
1.Start your sim and set up a Tower in Freeflight mode.
2.Start The FSX Radar program.
"But Roo how do I start the Tower in Freeflight mode?" I hear you say.

Yes there is no option to start the default FSX ATC Tower in Freeflight mode as there is in Multiplayer mode, but there is the option to load a saved flight.

So if you are in multiplayer mode as a Tower you can save this flight to use in Freeflight mode.

1. Start FSX and go to Local Network LAN and click sign in.
2. Click Host a session (bottom right).
3. Select Freeflight for the session Type, put anything you like in the other boxes and click next.
4. Select Air Traffic Controller in the role drop down box, Select the airport you want to control, the weather you would like and the Time of day.
5. Click SAVE and save the flight as KLAX Tower (replace KLAX with the airport you chose).

Complete steps 4 and 5 for every airport you would like to have quick access too when wanting to control.

6. Once all the airports you would like are created, click back and sign out which should take you back to the main FSX login screen.
7. Select FreeFlight from the top left.
8. From the Free Flight screen select Load half way down the screen.
9. Select the Tower you would like to control at and click Fly Now.
FSX Will load you into the Tower view at the airport you chose.

If you have the AI aircraft enabled you will see them on the radar screen too.
I would advise turning AI traffic off when controlling in Freeflight mode.

I hope that helps anybody wanting to control aircraft using JoinFS, VATSIM, IVAO or other multiplayer systems.

Are these tools free?
Yes and they will not expire or anything of the like.
But if you do like any of the software I've written, you can send me enough for a pint using the link below.
Buy me a pint to say thank you. Finally...
Why the name
No reason other than it was cheap and tricky to say for the first few times.

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